Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Food Safety (FSIL)

  • 28th May 2018
  • by secretary

23 May 2018. Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Food Safety (FSIL)

The USAID Bureau for Food Security (BFS) manages a portfolio of research activities collectively known as the Feed the Future Innovation Labs. Feed the Future Innovation Labs are designed to bring benefits to both US and developing country stakeholders. 

  • The Food Safety Innovation Lab will design, lead and implement a program of food safety research and capacity building aimed at addressing the opportunities and challenges, and will additionally serve as a resource to Missions and their partners confronting on the role of food safety in inclusive economic growth, nutrition sensitive agriculture and a nutrition-sensitive approach, gender-sensitive and youth inclusive development, and resilience. 
  • The Food Safety Innovation Lab will be complementary to other existing research investment under Feed the Future such as the Post-harvest Loss Reduction Innovation Lab (PHLIL), Food Processing Innovation Lab (FPL), Nutrition Innovation Lab (NIL), the Horticulture Innovation Lab (HortIL), the New Fish Innovation Lab (FIL), Livestock Systems Innovation Lab (LSIL) to mention few, and other food safety related investments such as the Food Safety Network (FSN). 
  • Total Estimated Amount (TEA) allows a maximum award ceiling of up to $30,000,000. Eligibility for this award is restricted to U.S. colleges and universities.

Public Webinar for Q and A: June 5, 2018 at 1:00pm, Washington, DC time
Deadline for Written Questions: June 13, 2018 at 4:00pm, Washington, DC time
Closing Date for Submission of Concept Notes: June 22, 2018