AGRF 2019. Launch of the Digitalization of African Agriculture Report – 2018/2019

  • 05th September 2019
  • by secretary
3 – 6 September 2019The African Green Revolution Forum 2019.

Plenary – Leveraging Digitalization for Sustainable Food Systems

The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) on Tuesday launched the Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report for 2018-2019 in Accra.

The report, which was authored by Mr. Michael Hailu, Director-CTA, and Mr. Michael Tsan of Dalberg, advocates the digital agricultural transformation that can feed Africa.

  • Digitalisation for agriculture (D4Ag) could be a game changer in supporting and accelerating agricultural transformation across the continent. It indicated that the D4Ag addresses a wide scope of factors and conditions affecting farms, farmers and the agri-food sector as a whole.
  • The volume of data – and the supporting layer of new digital agricultural solutions – is growing exponentially at the same time as quality of that data is rapidly evolving.
  • D4Ag has the potential to not only support agricultural transformation but to do so sustainably and inclusively.
  • An inclusive, digitally-enabled agricultural transformation could help achieve meaningful livelihood improvements for Africa’s 250 million smallholder farmers and pastoralists – adding that it could drive greater engagement in agriculture from women and young people and support employment opportunities along the agricultural value chain; and it could help build resilience to climate change.
  • For the first time, it is possible to precisely capture data from individual farms and fields and combine them in macro-level data sets, and utilise those sets in increasingly cost-effective ways.
  • Mr. Michael Hailu, President, CTA
  • Mr. Michael Tsan, Partner, Dalberg
  • Dr. Nick Austin, Director, Agricultural Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Ms. Elizabeth Nsimadala, President, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation
  • Ms. Amrote Abdella, Regional Director, Microsoft 4Afrika
  • Ms. Su Kahumbu, Founder, iCow
  • Mr. Jerome Barbaron, AME Territory Head, Syngenta

Advancing Digital Strategies at Country Level