Climate Knowledge Brokering

  • 03rd August 2017
  • by secretary
2 August 2017. Over the past 5 months, the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group has published a
number of videos and a book which give an introduction to some of the main topics in climate knowledge brokering, including gender awareness, methodologies, knowledge brokering for resilient development and setting up successful online platforms.

Though they are aimed at climate knowledge brokers specifically, many of the lessons in the modules also apply to knowledge brokering in general. The book, about Linked Open Data for climate knowledge brokers, has been shared on this forum before.

Turning Informationinto Knowledgeand Action for ClimateChange
This Report Celebrates 3 Years of CKB Achievements, 2014-2017, 28 pages

The report is divided into three parts which reflect the most important aims of the group: 
  1. Reaching Out – to climate knowledge brokers who can benefit from participating in the network, as well as to the public at large; 
  2. Creating Connections – among climate knowledge brokers and with other stakeholders such as decision makers and knowledge producers; 
  3. and Facilitating Innovation – creating a collaborative environment for the development of both new technical tools for climate knowledge brokering and new methodologies to understand the needs of users and potential benefits of new interventions.

Besides this ‘Climate Knowledge Brokering 101’, CKB has also published a series of short videos featuring climate knowledge brokers explaining what they do and why it matters, to give an insight into the variety of roles they can be found in.

All videos and extra materials (case studies, further reading, etc) can be found at