PAEPARD blog posts – July 2018

  • 06th August 2018
  • by secretary

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31 July 2018. The USAID funded Assessing Sustainability and Effectiveness of Climate Information Services (Sustainable CIS) project is developing a financial planning tool that enables African National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS)
26 July 2018. Soybean Innovation Lab Webinar. The introduction of low-cost, locally-produced mechanized threshing systems in smallholder agriculture can significantly reduce post-harvest loss in staple food grains.
25 July 2018. This Africa AFOLU Community of Practice (CoP) session focused on approaches to link small-scale energy and agriculture in the Africa region.
24 July 2018. The Peanut Innovation Lab hosted a webinar to highlight gender considerations in peanut research
17 July 2018. This video shows what three of these countries, Uganda, Thailand and Colombia, are doing to tackle climate change and integrate agriculture in their planning and budgeting processes.
10 July 2018. This webinar was co-organised by TAP and GFAR to raise awareness among the francophone community of the role of TAPipedia in disseminating innovative and systemic approaches for capacity development.
9.       Clôture du Projet Soja aftitin-milk (ProSam) PAEPARD support
9 – 10 Juillet 2018. Bohicon, Benin. Une variété de produits du Soja aux valeurs nutritionnelles lors d’une visite de terrain effectuée au Centre de stockage de graines de néré de Saclo, dans le cadre la clôture du Projet Soja aftitin-milk (ProSam).
5 July 2018. Uganda. End of project dissemination workshop for the PAEPARD project “Enhancing nutrition security and incomes through adding value to indigenous vegetables in East and Central Uganda”.
28 June 2018. Webinar “Food Employment in West Africa”. Based on the SWAC West African Paper, ‘Agriculture, Food and Jobs in West Africa’ published last April.
27 June 2018. CTA Brussels Development Briefing. Including the presentation by the PAEPARD supported consortium in Burundi:  Farmers’ Organisations: a social and economic force in a context of chronic instability – Annick Sezibera, Executive Secretary, CAPAD, Burundi
13.   2nd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology PAEPARD participation
24 – 27 June 2018. Mombasa (Kenya). The 2nd African Symposium on Mycotoxicology entitled “Mitigating mycotoxin contamination in the African food and feed chain”
Jointly funded by IDRC and Global Affairs Canada, CIFSRF addresses the critical challenge of global hunger through applied research in 25 countries.
25 – 29 June 2018. Accra, Ghana. The Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy.
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