Unsolicited appreciation of PAEPARD in 2017

  • 09th January 2018
  • by secretary
Thank you for the great report you made on the Nairobi conference in PAEPARD’s blog: New Business Models for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in sub-Saharan Africa. We have planned to include it in our Newsletter edition of January, giving credits to you and PAEPARD. It’ll be released today.
Beatriz Arribas, Communications Officer, CEMA aisbl – European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association beatriz.arribas@cema-agri.org
I had missed your last few emails, and I would appreciate receiving these, particularly the one a few days ago on various calls for research grants/applications/proposals. Thanks in advance,
PA Sopade; PhD (Reading), Food Process Engineering Consultant, AUSTRALIA
Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Food Science and Technology
Thank you very much for the various research and course programmes you have forwarded to me. I have indeed circulated to my circles. I am sure there will be a number of people who are interested.
Dr.Backson Sibanda
Let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the very relevant materials you had been sending to me despite of my being from Asia.  I know this note is long overdue as I had been receiving notes from you since the last two years. These are valuable materials I share to my regional  colleagues in the Asia-Pacific  Islands Rural Advisory Services(APIRAS) Network which is one of the Regional networks of  the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Service (GFRAS), and likewise as reading materials for my PhD students major in Community Devloplment, PhD Major in Extension Education and PhD major in Development Studies.
VIRGINIA R. CARDENAS, Ph.D. Dean College of Public Affairs and Development University of the Philippines Los Baños College, Los Banos 4031 Laguna, Philippines
Member Steering Committee, GFRAS Regional Focal Person, APIRAS
Greetings! Millions of thanks for your kindest services through Paepard! Please keep up your effort in updating new resources and info through your wonderful link.
Ermias Lulekal (PhD) Assistant Professor of Ethnobotany and Plant ecology Department of Plant Biology & Biodiversity Management
Thank you for sharing those fantastic resources! Was there a recording of the webinar for those of us who weren’t able to attend?
Hannah Fitter, Global Knowledge Initiative the Global Knowledge Initiative  c/o American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Washington
We(AFAN) hereby express our Profound gratitude for the good work on the Platform. We appreciate and wish you well.
Prince Ikechukwu Ebenezer Ubaka JP. National President All Farmers Association of Nigeria AFAN
Thank you for the great work you continue to do on the PAEPARD dgroups.
Emily Nwanko e.nwankwo@afdb.org
Synthesis Report: Review of Successful Scaling of Agricultural Technologies
USAID, February 2017. 47 pages.
Thank you for sharing this, it will be very useful in some work we are getting engaged in this year.
I will also share with my colleagues here at PELUM Kenya.
Just a quick word of appreciation from my side – a prospective list of conferences is very useful.    Hope you can keep this feature going forward.
Iddo Dror| Head of Capacity Development | International Livestock Research Institute | ilri.org
Actually the PAEPARD messages are quite many ?but interesting indeed!
Maurizio Sajeva, Forest Economist, Pellervo Economic Research PTT, Helsinki, Finland
We work in the area of Agricultural Research for development. This is a great platform to keep in touch with this sector and colleagues.
Thanks for the many information that you always share on this platform which are very resourceful.
Akpan ITORO-OBONG MFON achieversphealth14@gmail.com
Congratulations for your ongoing activities and thank you for the wealth of information you are providing
J. Dorra Fiani, President, Knowledge Economy Foundation , Egypt
Thanks very much for your continuously sharing information.
Kyetere, Denis (AATF)