Climate change and African National Meteorological and Hydrological Services

  • 06th August 2018
  • by secretary
31 July, 2018. Future Climate for Africa Webinar. The USAID funded Assessing Sustainability and Effectiveness of Climate Information Services (Sustainable CIS) project is developing a financial planning tool that enables African National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) to: build the business case for increased investment from government and donors; identify new sources of revenue and partnerships;
and demonstrate financial good practice.

The speakers demonstrated the tool and showcase an application by an NMHS – Meteo Rwanda.
  • Cathy Phiri (Winrock International) – Introduction to Sustainable CIS project and background to financial planning tool. Skip to Cathy’s presentation 8:44 
  • Rémi Alquier (Consultant) – Demonstration of NMHS Financial Planning Tool. Skip to Rémi’s presentation 16:54 
  • Floribert Vuguziga (Meteo Rwanda) – Application of the tool in the Rwandan context. Skip to Floribert’s presentation 48:08 
  • Robert O’Sullivan (Winrock International) – Q&A session Skip to Q&A 59:13 
  • Tegan Blaine (USAID) – Closing remarks on the application and positioning of the tool within diverse contexts. Skip to Tegan’s presentation 1:25:27