WEBINAR: "Exploring the ‘new normal’ in Global Food Systems; the role of the private sector and Public-Private Partnerships"

  • 04th June 2020
  • by secretary
Recording forthcoming
Some questions addressed during this webinar 4 included:
  • How, and to what extent are private sector entities, particularly SMEs, affected by the pandemic and disrupted value chain operations, and how does this impact the chain functioning? (sourcing strategies, consumer preferences in destination markets, food availability, etc.)
  • What coping mechanisms are evolving to mitigate impacts (both at production as well as at destination side) and start-up recovery efforts. How can private sector players and Public-Private Partnerships play a role in mitigation and recovery efforts?
  • What visions and/or strategies are being developed to arrive at a more resilient agricultural sector that is less vulnerable to external shocks like the COVID 19 pandemic? What role foresees the private sector for itself and how do Public-Private Partnerships come into play in shaping post-COVID Food systems?
  • What external/internal changes and support structures are needed to realize above visions for the private sector, and particularly for SMEs, to bounce back from the current crisis and return as a stronger, more resilient segment in the post COVID era? (immediate support, longer-term conducive policy environment, partnerships, etc.) 
Resource persons are: 
  • Ms. Esther Wintraecken, Fresh Studio, Myanmar
  • Mr. Shahid Tarer, Galaxi Rice Milll, Pakistan
  • Mr. Shatadru Chattapadhayav, Solidaridad
  • Mr. Nicolas Syed, IFAD PNG
Previous webinars
The Value Chain Capacity Building Network (VCB-N), organised a series of Webinars on the COVID crises . 
  • This network provides professional advisory services and capacity building on Value Chain and Market System Development (VC and MSD) in Asia and Pacific Region (APR). 
  • It has been initiated by an IFAD-funded project Regional training network for scaling up pro-poor value chain programmes”. 
  •  The Network is drawing on experiences and expertise of Centres of Excellence (CoEs) from seven countries including Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam that specialized in professional training and capacity development on VC and MSD.

22 April 2020. VCB-N webinar 1The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on agricultural value chains