Trends in organic agriculture and sustainability standards

  • 22nd March 2018
  • by secretary
12 March 2018. Brussels. DevCo Infopoint. Trends in organic agriculture and sustainability standards in low income countries: outlook and development challenge

Organic agriculture – with a constantly growing global market worth over 80 billion euros in 2016 – is also becoming increasingly important in low-income countries. While organic has the largest certified area world-wide and in low-income countries, other Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) such as Fairtrade, UTZ, or Rainforest Alliance are also gaining in importance. Currently, at least 25 percent of the global coffee production and 9 percent of the global cotton is certified according to one of the major VSS (including organic).

At this session, FiBL experts presented the latest data on the status of organic farming and other VSS, with a focus on selected commodities, and the development impact of these standards for low income countries will be discussed.

  • Beate Huber, Deputy director, FiBL
  • Julia Lernoud, Department of Extension, Training and Communication, FiBL