AGRF 2019. Video interviews about the new CGIAR DryArc Initiative

  • 08th September 2019
  • by secretary
3-6 September. AGRF 2019. AGRF 2019. Video interviews about the new CGIAR DryArc Initiative.

Interview with Hon. Ezzedin Abu Steit, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Egypt
South-South collaboration North Africa-SSA

  • How can African countries benefit from the annual Food Manufacturing Exhibitions in Cairo?
  • What is the expertise of the Egyptian Desert Research Center?
  • How important is the upscaling of raised-bed technologies to produce faba beans and wheat in Egypt?
  • How important is the collaboration among the CGIAR centers at the level of your country?

Interview with Prof. Martin Van Ittersum, Professor Plant Production Systems, WaCASA, Wageningen University

Maize productivity must increase four-fold to meet growing demand in Africa.

  • How urgent is the need for an increased maize production in Africa?
  • Is this a trade-off between higher production and higher CO2 emissions?
  • Can the current modelling systems allow for seasonal forecasting?
  • Would it be possible to foresee good years from bad years?

Interview with Dr. Stefan SCHMITZ, Deputy Director-General, Department of Food, Rural Development and Natural Resources, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

New challenges for the dry arid areas

  • What are the specific challenges of dry arid areas?
  • What is breeding for better seeds so important?
  • Why is trade important for agricultural development?
  • What about cross-border trade?
  • Do you encourage a greater collaboration among CGIAR centers?

Interview avec Dr. Nteranya Sanginga, Directeur General IITA

IITA et la nouvelle Initiative DryArc

  • Quelle est la relation entre le programme “Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation” (TAAT)
  • et la nouvelle initiative DryArc?
  • Quelles technologies du TAAT peuvent être utiles pour la région du DryArc?
  • Les technologies de transformation dans la région du DryArc peuvent-elles être utiles pour l’Afrique sub-saharienne?

Interview with Martin Kropff, Director General of CIMMYT.

Supporting agricultural innovation in dry areas

  • What are the challenges of agriculture in dry areas
  • Why should donors support the DryArc initiative?