Effect of COVID-19 or Lockdown on Fertilizer Trade

  • 04th May 2020
  • by secretary

30 April 2020. WEBINAR. Effect of COVID-19 or Lockdown on Fertilizer Trade. Organised by AFAP.

  • Mr. Rajiv Ram Senior Fertilizer Demand analyst – CRU London GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: Effect of Covid-19 or Lockdown on fertilizer trade 
  • Mr. Victor Otieno Country Sales Agronomist: Yara East Africa REGIONAL PERSPECTIVE: How cross border Transport is affecting fertilizer trade since Yara is not a local fertilizer blender in Uganda? 
  • Mr. Gilbert Kato Country Sales Agronomist: ETG • How are you meeting market demands and Subsidy program targets amidst the crisis? (demand high or Low) 
  • Ms. Sophie Mirembe Inputs and Outputs Manager: Grainpulse Ltd • As a local blender, has the lockdown affected the cost of raw materials for blending? • Has this affected price of fertilizers? • How are you meeting market demands and Subsidy targets program amidst the crisis? 
  • Ms. Nakanwagi Josephine MAAIF/Subsidy program representative • How are you managing your activities (farmer registration, enrollment and distribution of inputs amidst the crisis? • How far are you from the targets? • Any interventions instituted due to the crisis?
  • Mr. Kato Hassan Director Kham farmer Services Ltd AFAP supported hub • Sharing Copying strategies as an importer and last mile input distributor and price changes? 
  • Mrs. Esther Kesware Co-Founder: Akorion • Sharing input distribution intervention done online during the pandemic 
  • Mr. Musinguzi James Director M and J Multipurpose Enterprises Ltd: AFAP supported hub • Sharing last mile input distribution experiences to smallholder farmers and price changes

WEBINAR recording forthcoming