Negotiating South-South Regional Trade Agreements

  • 07th October 2016
  • by secretary

Negotiating South-South Regional Trade Agreements
Economic Opportunities and Policy Directions for Africa
© 2016 Editors: Odularu, Gbadebo O.A., Adekunle, Bamidele (Eds.)

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of South-South regional trade issues, with a particular focus on sustainably fostering Africa’s regional trade agenda. 
  • Includes chapters on Africa’s trade relations with Korea, Brazil, China and India
  • It examines the extent to which South-South regional trade agreements (RTAs) have contributed toward enhancing regional integration and economic expansion in Africa in particular, and in the South in general. 
  • The authors recommend new conceptual frameworks, appropriate initiatives, and workable policy recipes to help South-South RTAs enhance Africa’s economic transformation trajectory.
  • The book underscores the geo-politics, as well as the opportunities and challenges that emerging economies now represent for Africa in the context of South-South regional trade policy. 
  • Readers will learn how Africa can strengthen its regional trade game by securing and building on the positive outcomes of South-South RTAs.