Metropolis Annual Meeting 2018

  • 01st September 2018
  • by secretary
26-29 August 2018. Gauteng, South Africa.Metropolis Annual Meeting 2018

Under the theme “Inclusive Metropolitan Cities and City-Regions”, the 2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting was hosted by Gauteng Province and took place in Johannesburg.

The meeting provided a platform for networking and exchanging of ideas. It also brought together government leaders, city managers, urban managers, experts, international NGOs, academics and other important stakeholders from around the world.

The agenda was intended to ensure that key issues of inclusion are placed on the global agenda of metropolitan areas.


The State of African Cities 2018 – The Geography of African Investment by Professor Ronald Wall

The aim of The State of African Cities 2018: The geography of African investment report is to contribute to development policies that can turn African cities into more attractive, competitive and resilient foreign direct investment (FDI) destinations. Attracting global FDI is highly competitive and crosses various geographic scales, therefore regional cooperation by cities and nations is critical. But FDI is not a panacea since it has both positive and negative effects and careful choices need to be made by cities in their pursuit of FDI, if it is to lead to inclusive economic growth. This report aims to provide guidance on these choices and to facilitate understanding of the complexity of global investment in Africa.

Including: FDI and the African Food Security ParadoxRonald Wall, Dorcas Nyamai and Akua