The Youth Ag- Summit

  • 17th October 2017
  • by secretary

8-12 October. Brussels. The Youth Ag- Summit. During the Summit, delegates shared their diverse experiences and work together to generate innovative, sustainable and actionable solutions to global food security challenges.

Across five days, they undertook group projects and participate in industry tours, as well as learning from expert guest speakers. Their mission was to come up with concrete new ideas which can drive agricultural progress across the globe and be put into practice back home.

Delegates included 100 young leaders from 49 countries, aged 18-25 who are personally, professionally and academically interested in agriculture, international development, environmental stewardship, food security, biotechnology and farming. They have a social conscience and care about the welfare of others locally and around the globe, as well as the motivation to discuss and develop solutions to one of the greatest challenges of our time: how do we feed a hungry planet?

The Youth Ag-Summit is an initiative of Bayer’ Crop Science division in conjunction with local two Belgian agricultural youth organizations, namely Groene Kring (GK) and Fédération des Jeunes

Agriculteurs (FJA). 

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Profiles of some African participants:

Matthew Danjuma Oguche (23) is from Nigeria. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Landmark University, and a postgraduate diploma in Public Administration and Policy from the University of Maiduguri. Since graduating, he has worked as an agricultural science teacher, volunteered with the UK Government’s International Citizen Service programme in southern Nigeria, and set up his own social enterprise called Sesame Africa.

Risper Wanja Njagi is a law student from Kenya


Tinka George William is a medical student who will be representing Uganda at the Youth Ag-Summit 2017 in Brussels.