European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development Annual Technical and Business Meeting

  • 24th November 2015
  • by secretary


Agricultural Research for Development Annual Technical and Business Meeting forum23-24 November 2015. Brussels. This year’s annual technical meeting provided a platform for
reflection and learning by showcasing ongoing policy and programme initiatives and success stories of research and innovation partnerships, agricultural entrepreneurship and institutional realignment for increasing the impact of research on socio-economic development.


  • To deliberate on mechanisms for strengthening the links between research,
  • innovation and entrepreneurship for achieving societal and economic transformation
  • through agriculture
  • EFARD road map on research, innovation and entrepreneurship for increasing the
  • impact of agricultural research for development.
In June 2015, EFARD endorsed a new management team to lead the organization for the next two years (2015-2017). Between July and August 2015, the EFARD management team updated the EFARD membership database and solicited feedback on priority areas for the future. EFARD also launched an exercise to map all European stakeholders involved in agriculture and nutrition projects as well as European CSOs. At international level, the GFAR Constituent Assembly took place in
August 2015 and EFARD had the opportunity to share its position. The Annual Business meeting discussed these and other developments and review and update the EFARD 2013-2015 governance document and identified the strategies on the way forward for enhancing EFARD’s visibility, relevance, operations and growth strategy & for strengthening partnerships with SCAR/ARCH, CGIAR, and other GFAR regional platforms.
Extract of the presentations:

The EC’s Agriculture Finance Initiative (AgriFi) – Mr. Regis Meritan, Head of Sector Agricultural Growth, DG for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO/C1), European Commission, Belgium.

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Agrifi: investment in smallholder agriculture and agribusiness micro/ small/medium enterprises