Webinar: Biochar systems for Sustainable Agriculture

  • 11th May 2020
  • by secretary

7 May 2020. Webinar: Biochar systems for Sustainable Agriculture. The webinar was hosted by the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP). It is part of a series of webinars held by Activity Group 7 “Biogas” of the Working Group of Capacity Building (WGCB) of GBEP. More information, as well as recordings of other webinars in the series can be found on the GBEP website.

The webinar gave general introduction to biochar systems, focusing on processes and reactor technologies, and their flexibility, scalability and efficiency. It will highlight the many benefits of biochar as a soil amendment, in terms of improved soil quality, crop yield and forest growth, increased biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. The webinar will explore the potential synergies between biochar and biogas systems, as well as looking at the potential to contribute to landscape restoration, thus addressing biochar as material for co-composting with organic matter. 
The webinar was presented by Professor David Chiaramonti. Prof. Chiaramonti is a full professor of Systems for Energy and Environment at the Polytechnic of Turin, specialised in Bioenergy and Bioeconomy. His research works cover thermochemical biomass conversion processes (with special focus on hydrothermal liquefaction and pyrolysis), as well as liquid/gaseous biofuel upgrading and use. Recently, he turned his attention to biochar and compost production to improve the resilience of marginal agricultural lands to climate change, store carbon, and at the same time develop less fossildependent agriculture. He has published more than 120 scientific papers in these areas, chapters in books and studies, as well as articles in specialised magazines.