From Cassava to Beer: Roots to Empowerment

  • 05th January 2016
  • by secretary
Published on 4 January 2016. This is a 8 minutes summary of the most recent 40 minutes 2SCALE video, that will come out soonest.

This film is about a typical Publc-Private Partnership (PPP), combining a so-called lead firm (Psaltry in Nigeria in this case, an enterprise sourcing cassava from farmers to produce starch for Nigeria breweries/Heineken), and local-level agri-business networks. 
The film makes clear that technical innovations are needed to reduce the costs of production and cassava productivity, but that technical innovations are not enough; there is need for relationship and organisational innovations; the relationship between farmers and transporters is crucial but also farmers are getting organised and become stronger. 
This summary comes with an off-voice and some interviewed key actors; the 40 minutes on the other hand is exclusively constructed around the diverse perceptions and opions of the key actors involved in this PPP.