Responsible & sustainable sourcing through Fair Trade

  • 22nd June 2016
  • by secretary
22 June 2016. Brussels. Brussels Development Briefing on “Promoting responsible and sustainable sourcing through Fair Trade”. This Briefing was is co-organised by CTA, the European Commission / DEVCO, the ACP Secretariat, CONCORD and the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

Panel 1: Responsible value chains, sustainable sourcing and Fair TradeThis panel provided an overview of sustainable sourcing from a development perspective and the positioning of Fair Trade.

  • Sustainability of supply chains and fair schemes favorable to farmers; Aynur Mammadova, IISD Associate, SSI Team Member
  • Unsustainable sourcing: facts and figures; Dr. Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Executive Director, True Price
  • The Fair Trade market and consumers’ choice contribution to sustainable sourcing; Lily Deforce, Director, Fairtrade Belgium
  • Supermarket sourcing Fair Trade; Rosita Zilli, Deputy Secretary – General, Eurocoop

Panel 2: Scaling up successes in sustainable sourcing and Fair TradeThis panel looked at specific examples of successful businesses and PPPs in support of sustainable sourcing.

  • Fair Trade: a farmer’s led movement; Marike De Peña, Chair of Fairtrade International and Chair of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small Producer Organizations (CLAC)
  • Case study from the Fair Trade in the field; Abel Fernández CONACADO Commercial Manager, Dominican Republic
  • Example of B2B sourcing in Fair Trade; Frank Okyere, Kuapa Kokoo environmental and extension manager Fairtrade programme, Ghana + Charlotte Borger, Communications Director, Divine Chocolate, (UK)
  • Example of a PPP promoting sustainable sourcing through Fair Trade; Fredrick Masinde, Business Development Manager, Undugu Fair Trade, Kenya