Guide to the Use of Digital Finance in Agriculture

  • 24th February 2016
  • by secretary
Guide to the Use of Digital Finance in Agriculture agrinatura

Guide to the Use ofDigital Financial Servicesin Agriculture
Lead Author Christine Martin, Senior Digital Finance Advisor, USAID Co-Authors Nandini Harihareswara (USAID), Elizabeth Diebold (USAID), Harsha Kodali (USAID), and Carrie Averch (mSTAR)
February 2016, 70 pages

22 February 2016. This Guide to the Use of Digital Finance in Agriculture aims to provide a quick and easy-to-use tool to understand how digital financial services (DFS) can help address some of the challenges that smallholder farmers are experiencing today – mainly, lack of access to financial services and convenient payment systems.

The goal of this Guide is to identify specific challenges in value chains that can be addressed by improved payments or financial services, and then to identify corresponding DFS solutions to these specific challenges, with the aim of improving the ability of value chains to increase farmer incomes.

In doing so, it is possible to increase farmer household access to a transaction account that builds household resiliency and offers access to payments and financial services long after an aid project or intervention is complete. Ultimately, this will move us closer to Feed the Future’s joint high-level objectives of inclusive agricultural sector growth and improved nutritional status.