The New York African Food Festival

  • 01st September 2016
  • by secretary

13 -14 August 2016. New York.  The NYC African Food Festival brought together chefs and artists from the African diaspora—including Pierre Thiam (Senegal), Dieuveil Malonga (Congo), Zinyusile Khumbula (South Africa), Melchizedek Mensah (Ghana), Joy Parham (U.S), and Grace Odogbili (Nigeria) demonstrated their cooking skills with interactive sessions and mini cooking lessons.

“Almost a quarter of all African-born immigrants live in New York or other nearby metro areas,” festival organizer Ishmael Osekre tells ESSENCE. “New York has become a hub of African food in the US, and more and more people outside the diaspora are catching on.”

Chef Pierre Thiam, who was recently featured on CNN’s Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, is influenced by his travels around Africa. He described the 2-day festival as “a feast for the senses!” Nigerian-American chef Grace Odogbili hosted an Afro-vegan brunch featuring cuisine influence by African and Caribbean countries. From North Africa there was a Shisha lounge (hookah tent) and from East Africa an Ethiopian coffee ceremony.