Mapping the agribusiness landscape in East Africa

  • 14th March 2017
  • by secretary

2 March 2017AGRIinsight Ltd announced that it had successfully secured two significant contracts with clients to deploy its online mapping tool to support agribusiness growth in East Africa. AGRIinsight has secured co-funding for this work from the UK’s Innovation Agency, Innovate UK.

AGRIinsight will start work later this month in Tanzania. The assignment focuses on the support of an agribusiness investment agency based in Dar es Salaam. 

  • AGRIinsight will provide an online “client space” where relevant information is organized, deposited in various forms and imagery, to which access is facilitated to advance the agency’s objectives. 
  • AGRIinsight will give users tools to map locations of agri-businesses and infrastructure, aggregate relevant information and enable targeted information sharing within different value chains, projects or investments. 
  • AGRIinsight will also be providing training to agency staff to map a wide range of organisations involved in agriculture in specific high productive regions of the country. Ultimately, the work will enhance and crowd in investment into the region and thereby help develop a vibrant and profitable farming and agribusiness sector.

In March, in collaboration with its Ethiopian partner, Geospatial Analytical Services (GeoSAS), AGRIinsight will also deploy the online platform within organisations who have a pressing need to better understand and use the natural resource base and evolving commercial landscape of Ethiopia. The initial work will focus on identifying the range and types of data that are publically available. The aim will be to use the platform to determine the most effective ways of managing, packaging and presenting the data in a way that enables organisations to make better, more informed and commercially sound decisions.