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  • 02nd February 2018
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Hereunder you will find an overview of the blog posts related to ARD activities in January 2018. 
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This book reviews the existing knowledge on scaling technologies and innovation.
2.       Failing access to agriculture funding new resource ***
30 January 2018. A 2017 report by the Uganda Agribusiness
23-26 January 2018. Davos, Switzerland. AGRA will be focusing in the future on helping to strengthen country capacity to work with the private sector, find investment opportunities and improve leadership around key agriculture issues.
4.       Food East Africa
23-25 January 2018. Nairobi. East Africa platform where international and regional food and beverage companies meet, network and establish business ties.
24 January 2018. This paper assesses the role of learning video in changing vegetable farmers’ behaviour towards sustainable agriculture.
23 January 2018. Webinar. To gain a better understanding of how agriculture interventions can contribute to improved nutrition, USAID’s flagship multi-sectoral nutrition project, Strengthening Partnerships, Results, and Innovations in Nutrition Globally (SPRING), partnered with USAID
7.       Upcoming events in Agriculture for Development PAEPARD activity
From February 2018 onwards
22-25 January 2018.   Ibadan, Nigeria. Sientists, development specialists, agricultural experts, representatives from national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES), and entrepreneurs from the private sector mainly from Africa assembled in IITA for the inauguration and planning workshop of the African Development Bank (AFDB)-funded program called Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT).
9.       Living territories for sustainable development new resource **
22-24 January 2018. Montpellier. This conference was organized by CIRAD in partnership with AFD, the CGIAR System Organization and CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM), the NEPAD, the GFAR, UNDP-ART, AgroParisTech, IAMM, INRA, the RIMISP, Wageningen University, and with the support from the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
22 January 2018. Opportunities and Challenges along the Value Chain. From Agricultural Farming to Food Processing and Distribution.
18-19 January 2018.Nairobi. This workshop took place in conjunction with the International Conference on Powering Agriculture, which aimed to enhance renewable energy solutions for agricultural development, organized by the German International Development Agency (GIZ) and the United States Agency for International Development(USAID).
17 January 2018. Norwegian incubator in search of fintech, agribusiness start-ups.
This call is open to applicant organizations that will work in partnership with others to carry out research in one (or more) of the eligible countries: Burundi; Ethiopia; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Rwanda; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia; and Zimbabwe. Deadline for applications is 1 March 2018.
This FAO report identifies a range of pathways through which support to food security and livelihoods can also help build resilience against conflict and contribute to sustaining peace.
17 January 2018. The PRIMA Foundation announced the PRIMA Calls for proposals for 2018.
17 January 2018. Innovation Accelerator Kenya call for proposals 2018. The deadline for submission of these proposals is 6th February 2018
17 January 2018. Aid International and Development Webinar.
13-17 January 2018.Researchers at BGI and other centers are in the process of sequencing — and resequencing — the genomes of 101 plants for the African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC), an international effort to improve nutrition in Africa through genome-assisted breeding resources and training.
16 January 2018. The Hague. Innovation Network Feeding Cities – 2nd meeting
15 January 2018. “A ‘crazy idea’ has resulted in the ability to grow durum wheat in the extreme heat of famine-affected Senegal, Mauritania and Mali,
15 – 18 January 2018. Stellenbosch. South Africa. Combined Congress 2018 of the Soil Science Society of South Africa and Crop Science Societies of South Africa, with the African Crop Society. The theme of the Congress is Sustainable agricultural systems for food security in Africa.
12 January 2018. A new CTA publication
12 January 2018. A support to 120 African researchers working to help the continent adapt to climate change and bolster the scientific community
24.   The business of plant breeding new resource ***
12 January 2018. This report is the result of a study on demand-led plant variety design for markets in Africa, sharing the best practices from private and public sector breeding programmes
11-12 January 2018. Arusha, Tanzania. A workshop organised by the African Centre for Research, Agricultural Advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability (CREATES)
99 pages, April 2016. This study focuses on the willingness to pay for agricultural training through video in the Oueme valley (Benin).
10 January 2018. Webinar.
10 January 2018. A recent paper by Dr Carl Lachat of Gent University, Jessica Raneri of Bioversity International, and others introduces Dietary Species Richness, a new food biodiversity indicator to help examine the correlation between agrobiodiversity and diet quality.
Published 9 January 2018. Final report of the project: Support to Agricultural Research for Development of Strategic Crops in Africa (SARD-SC) (20 pages)
9 January 2018. Key findings in a decade-long research project at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln may lead to solutions in sub-Saharan Africa’s challenge with vitamin A deficiency
8 January 2018. A UNEP report (2015, 212 p), highlights the urgent need for a blended financing model combining publicly, privately, domestically and internationally sourced finances in Africa. Furthermore, in Africa, energy development must be considered a socioeconomic development and job creator accelerator.
8 January 2018. Opinion
7 January 2018. Access Agriculture videos, including the one on yoghurt making and on making a rabbit house.
4 January 2018. Bill Gates, has hailed the efforts of Dr. Segenet Kelemu, Director General of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe).
3-5 January 2018. Oxford. Professor Leon A. Terry, Director of Environment and Agrifood at Cranfield University, has called for a paradigm shift in funding strategies and research programmes in order to tackle food waste on a global scale.
37.   PAEPARD 2017 in figures PAEPARD activity
Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), APRA’s directorate is at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK.
UNEP launched a new study called: Strengthening the Science-Policy Interface: a Gap Analysis (134 pages). The key findings will be presented to the Member States during the 4th Global authors meeting of the Global Environment Outlook-6, taking place from the 19th to the 23rd of February 2018 in Singapore.

12 December 2017. GFAR has commissioned a series of short videos telling the farmers’ stories in their own words. The videos tell a vital story of why the living conservation and use of these irreplaceable resources are crucial, not just to the communities concerned
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