FARADataInformS _ Trending Issues: New Tool to Help Improve the Visibility of Farmers and Rural Producers’ Organizations.

  • 06th February 2020
  • by secretary
FO-MAPP is an interactive online database that provides geo-referenced information on local smallholders’, family farmers’ and other rural producers’ organizations in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. It is not exhaustive but will be fed by organizations themselves. It enables them to be proactive in improving their visibility and engage in markets and sustainable development partnerships.
Organizations can register in FO-MAPP free of charge by filling an online profile, available in English, French and Spanish. They can add information about their contact details, status, membership, geographical outreach, services provided and agricultural products. Photos, videos and documents about their activities, strategies and results achieved can be added to their profile.
An interactive map shows the location of organizations and links to the public profile pages. People can find organizations based on several criteria (e.g. geographical coverage, agricultural products) and explore possible synergies and collaborations.