Multi-stakeholder partnerships to finance and improve food security and nutrition

  • 06th August 2018
  • by secretary

Multi-stakeholder partnerships to finance and improve food security and nutrition 
A report by The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition
June 2018, 144 pages

This report highlights transparency and accountability as key conditions: to align MSPs’ work with the progressive realization of the right to adequate food; to better use existing resources for FSN and sustainable development; and to potentially attract new resources.

This report also suggests a set of criteria to enable governments and non-state actors to perform their own assessments of MSPs following a common methodology.

27 June 2018. Launch of the HLPE report 

  • Introduction of the HLPE Report Patrick Caron (see picture), HLPE Steering Committee Chair
    For sure, MSPs should not be considered as a silver-bullet solution to any type of problem, as a panacea. Their emerging importance as part of a new approach to governance for food security and nutrition does not take place without controversy. Scientists are still debating on the exact definition of “stakeholders” vs. “actors” or “partnerships” vs. “platforms”. They question the potential benefits and limitations, the performance and even the relevance of MSPs as a suitable institutional mechanism to finance and improve food security and nutrition. 
  • HLPE Report 
  • Main findings – Moraka Makhura, HLPE Project Team Leader 
  • Recommendations – Muhammad Azeem Khan, HLPE Convener for the study