Advanced Technologies and their Applications in Agriculture

  • 30th March 2017
  • by secretary

27-29 March 2017. Cairo, Egypt. The main theme of the conference was “Transfer and application of the advanced technologies to the farm”.

Today’s farming routinely utilizes advanced technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors and flying pictures. Several systems-research tools relating to information technology have become available for fertilizer management and administration. With the introduction of geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS) and remote sensing (RS), agriculturists can now refine nutrient recommendation and water management models to the site-particular conditions of each field.

Extract of the programme:

  • The Impact of Research Efforts and State Programmes on Wheat Productivity in Sudan. Dr. Khalil, Raeid M. I. K, Economic and Social Research Bureau, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  • Assessment of Adoption of Improved Cassava Processing Technologies on the Standard of Living of Women Processors in Obi Local Government Area of Benue State. Jiriko, R.K., Dep. of Agricultural Extension and Communication University of Agriculture Makurdi, Nigeria, Makurdi.
  • Effects of Chitosan Nanoparticles and Certain Phenolic Compounds from Plants on Genetic and Aflatoxin Production of Aspergillus spp. Amal A.I. Mekawey, The Regional Center of Mycology and Biotechnology-Al-Azhar University, Egypt