Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st Century

  • 24th October 2016
  • by secretary

Eggersdorfer M, Kraemer K, Cordaro JB, Fanzo J, Gibney M, Kennedy E, Labrique A, Steffen J eds (2016) Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st Century. Basel, New York, Karger, 2016

This book provides the latest perspectives on the nutrition challenges that are now common to all societies worldwide. It argues that the case for good nutrition for all people, in all parts of the globe and throughout the entire life-cycle, is growing stronger. The book is written with the general reader in mind, and offers insights and opinions from some of the world’s most influential and respected experts in the field. Divided into five sections, each chapter is fully self-contained and offers recommendations for further reading. Graphics and case studies from a wide variety of sources enrich the flow of the narrative.

‘Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st Century’, builds on DSM’s first publication, ‘The Road to Good Nutrition’, which was awarded first prize in the health and social care category of the British Medical Association (BMA) annual medical book awards.

The digital version of this book is only downloadable by chapters

Key Definitions / Executive Summary
Section 1: A World Hungry for Nutrition

Section 2: Nutrition, Health and Economic Status

Section 3: Sustainable Food Systems

Section 4: From Science to Solutions

Section 5: Transforming the Nutrition Landscape


20 October 2016. Rome. A Side Event at the UN Committee of World Food Security presented the book “Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st Century” and encouraged a dialogue between CFS stakeholders – specifically governments, UN agencies, civil society and private sector – dedicated to work related to food security and nutrition at global, national and regional levels. The event provided important input, not only to those already dedicated to working in the nutrition space, but also to stakeholder new to this area, who are seeking to learn more about the challenges and solutions for nutrition, and what CFS’s role and their own might be working within multi-stakeholder partnerships.
  • Keynote, Lawrence Haddad, Executive Director GAIN
  • Manfred Eggersdorfer, University Medical Centre Groningen and DSM,
  • Klaus Kraemer, Sight and Life Foundation,
  • Hilal Elver, UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food, 
  • Lauren Landis, UN World Food Programme,
  • Jessica Fanzo, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health,
  • John B. Codaro, Global Food and Nutrition Business Advisor,
  • Hinrich Thölken, German Ambassador to Rome-based UN Agencies,
  • Jonathan Steffen, Jonathan Steffen Limited