Farmers like videos from other countries

  • 20th November 2019
  • by secretary
Information and knowledge are indispensable for empowering small-scale farmers. But their access to adequate knowledge, improved technology and other relevant information remains a critical issue since there are not enough extension agents to reach all farmers who would like to receive extension services.

Training videos have now become a proper agricultural extension tool in which many development agencies invest in order to communicate farming information to smallholders.

For the sustainable use of video as an agricultural extension tool, it is relevant to broaden video distribution beyond projects and NGOs, taking into account developing world contexts in which ICT infrastructure is limited, and look for mechanisms whereby farmers are willing to share the cost of extension, by buying learning DVDs and screening videos on their own.

Building on existing nonconventional agricultural information dissemination networks, such as entertainment DVD sellers, agro-input dealers, vegetable sellers, and motorcycle-taxi drivers to disseminate agricultural information using videos, leads to a self-sustained way of making new information available to farmers.

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