Engaging Uganda’s value chain agribusiness players for Rice, Cassava, Oil Seed, Dairy and Potato

  • 28th May 2018
  • by secretary

24 May 2018. The Applied Research Fund project “Strengthening Agribusiness Ethics, Quality standards and ICT Usage in Uganda’s Value Chains (AGRI-QUEST)” has published a documentary which shows the progress of the project implementation.

AGRI-QUEST is a three years project (January 2016 – January 2019) and is now in its last phase, “dissemination, monitoring and sustainability exploration”. The documentary shows how the research idea was conceived, packaged and also how the problem was defined in order to be addressed.

Additionally, the documentary shows how the research team methodologically interacted and engaged the various agribusiness players in Uganda’s value chains of Rice, Cassava, Oil Seed, Dairy and Potato with a central objective of answering the research question “How can we have a better business climate that fosters a gradual but positive change in attitude and behavior of agribusiness players?”.

The documentary is presented in a format similar to a normal written research project report. However, the uniqueness in the video, is its applied nature of how findings were presented.

The documentary is available on YouTube (see below). Furthermore, it is accessible through a WhatsApp link, since most people (decision makers) and to some extent the value chain players the project is targeting, have access to YouTube on their mobile phones.