Agrifood Atlas – Facts and figures about the corporations that control what we eat

  • 14th November 2017
  • by secretary

Agrifood Atlas – Facts and figures about the corporations that control what we eat27. Oct. 2017
Heinrich Böll Foundation, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Friends of the Earth
Place of Publication: Berlin
Date of Publication: October 2017
Number of Pages: 56

The list of the world’s largest 500 companies by turnover contains a huge number of firms engaged in agriculture and food. And the trend continues towards a further concentration of power. 

Agrifood corporations are driving industrialization along the entire global value chain, from farm to plate. Their purchasing and sales policies promote a form of agriculture that revolves around productivity. The fight for market share is achieved at the expense of the weakest links in the chain: farmers, and workers.

A growing number of people are organizing themselves and are changing their buying habits to recreate diversity in the value chain. But that is not enough to end hunger and poverty or to protect the environment. The withdrawal of government from economic intervention is a major cause of the colossal environmental and climate damage and the global injustice that we see today. It is high time for a socially and politically oriented regulation of the agrifood industry. The Agrifood Atlas serves facts and shows why and how the road to a socio-ecologically oriented agricultural and nutritional industry must be taken.

The Agrifood Atlas is jointly published by Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and Friends of the Earth Europe.