AFAAS Second Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week

  • 17th October 2015
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second Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week Reinvigorating Extension Services for Market-led Agriculture malabo declaration



12-16 October 2015. Addis Ababa. 2nd Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week under the theme: “Reinvigorating Extension Services for Market-led Agriculture within the Context of the Malabo Declaration”.

The event brought together agricultural extension and advisory services practitioners and other agricultural value chain actors across and outside Africa. AFAAS also held its 5th General Assembly during this period. The main objective of the

AFAAS fifth General Assembly

Extension Week was to deliberate and agree on the key processes and elements for reinvigorating agricultural extension services toward Market-led agriculture for shared prosperity and improved livelihoods in Africa. Sub themes:

  • Policies, institutional arrangements and support systems;
  • Resourcing agricultural extension (financing and investment);
  • Capacity development in agricultural extension for enhancing resilience of livelihoods and production systems;
  • Approaches and Tools: Good practices; and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Knowledge Management in Agricultural Extension.

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Plug and Play at AFAAS Extension Week

Josiane Kouagheu won the first price video competition
Josiane Kouagheu won the first price of video competition.

Was a unique opportunity to get a broader perspective of the ICT4Ag landscape… and to identify viable areas for investment”

CTA’s Plug & Play – Tech-Dating for Agriculture is an event usually organised in collaboration with international conferences and workshops to showcase the range of ICTs/mobile platforms developed and being implemented on the field. It gives participants a structured hands-on introduction to emerging ICTs for agriculture.

Plug and Play allowed innovators to demonstrate their systems in-turns thereby allowing participant to experience as many innovations that is of interest.

Innovations were selected through a competitive process to closely parallel the broader conference theme and streams and to meet the needs of all stakeholder groups. Innovators were given one minute each at the beginning of the event to pitch their innovations to the audience from which participants decide which one to visit. Innovators were then given rooms/booths and allocated time to demonstrate and engage participants on the potentials of their innovations.


  • ICT innovators: It offers them the opportunity to demonstrate their solutions to interested clients
  • Agricultural value chain actors: It enables them to discover the latest ICT platforms for their agricultural activities
  • Investors: It provides them with a unique platform to identify viable areas for investment
  • Donors: It presents options for discovering emerging areas for support
  • Policy makers: It creates the room for understanding and exploring potential areas for policy and decision actions
Les jeunes doivent être encouragés dans la participation aux travaux de l’exploitation agricole. Ceci est important pour la transmission des connaissances: décrit Josiane KOUAGHEU dans ce petit film réalisé lors de sa participation au plug and play
organisé du 12-16 octobre 2015 à Addis Abeba, Ethiopie.