EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership Conference

  • 19th October 2015
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18 October 2015, Milan, Italy. The Directorate for International Cooperation of DG Research and
Innovation organised an interactive round-table on the role of EU-Africa cooperation in science, technology and innovation supporting food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA) and its roadmap.

The focus was on the role of women and youth as game changers in the field as well as on other successful cooperation models with Africa. Best practices and lessons learned were shared by a variety of key stakeholders and international experts coming from public and private sector.

The event offered a unique visibility opportunity and an exclusive platform for bringing together new ideas, discuss innovative solutions and challenging opportunities.

See concept note: EXPO 2015 RTD DRAFT CONCEPT NOTE

The Research and Innovation Partnership aims also at reducing the fragmentation of efforts and supports a vision where issues of food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture are no more seen as separate development problems for the South and agro-environmental problems for the North, moving away from the traditional aid perspective. In a world increasingly serviced by a global food supply and integrated food systems, useful and suitable innovation opportunities are key in African and European contexts. It proposes an inclusive research and innovation framework bringing together the multiplicity of actors in the innovation chain, as such linking national policies to locally adapted innovation and allowing for a generic knowledge exchange.

Extract of the program:

Keynote Speech Ms. Cristina Russo, Director International Cooperation, DG Research and Innovation,

The EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership and the specific role of youth and women in achieving its objectives
  • Mr. Mohammed Jeenah and Mr. Philippe Petithuguenin Co-chairs of Expert Working Group of the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue
  • Mr. Mahama Ouedraogo – African Union Commission, Acting Director HRST department
  • Mr. Aldo Longo – Director, DG Agri, European Commission
  • Ms. Melissa Plath – Coordinator UniPID and ERAfrica project partner

Other international cooperation models with Africa, innovative partnerships, leading role of youth and women in Africa

  • Mr. Pierre Jacquet – President – Global Development Network
  • Mr. Bernard Yvetot – Vice-President International Strategy – Finance and Strategy Division- ORANGE
  • Mr. Matteo Landi – Industrial Development and Youth Employment Expert – UNIDO
  • Mr. Johannes Wedenig – Senior Advisor to the Regional Director Eastern and Southern Africa – UNICEF
  • Laurens Van Veldhuizen – Senior Staff Member – Prolinnova international network