5th EU-Africa Summit

  • 29th November 2017
  • by secretary
29-30 November 2017. Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The central theme for the Summit was ‘Youth’, which has become a key priority for Europe as well as Africa, in a context of African demographic trends creating major challenges for young people in terms of migration, security and employment.

EU-Africa Summits of Heads of States and Governments take place every three years alternatively in Africa and Europe. These Summits take stock of the progress made in the implementation of commitments made and provide political guidance for further work.

Approximately 5302 participants attended this meeting, 83 of which are Heads of States representing 55 African countries and 28 European countries, delegations from various partner countries, the African Union Commission, the European Union Commission, international organizations, and regional and sub regional organizations.

This Summit built on a series of preparatory events, aiming to bring the views of the key stakeholders of the Partnership. It includes the following:

At the summit, African and European leaders discussed the future of AU-EU relations, and focus on investing in youth. This is a key priority for the AU and the EU as 60% of the African population is under the age of 25.

Other priorities of the AU-EU partnership were equally discussed during the summit. These included:

  • Peace and security
  • Governance including democracy, human rights, migration and mobility
  • Investment and trade
  • Skills development
  • Job creation

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