AgroWorld 2018

  • 29th October 2018
  • by secretary

25- 27 October 2018.  New Delhi, India.

The Indian Council of Food and Agriculture with the support of the Government of India and several States and in technical collaborations with a large number of industry associations and international bodies, organised the AgroWorld 2018.

The purpose was to introduce contemporary agriculture –agri and allied sectors with their best
practices, technologies, processing and marketing that can inevitably help countless farmers and platform owners,

This knowledge and trade event encompassed industry-oriented topics, opportunities for startups, international participation and much more.

  • India’s domestic demand for food is expected to go up considerably with increasing population. Indian agriculture needs advanced farming systems, agri services, planting material, farm machinery, agroprocessing equipment, crop care and soil health products, dairy, poultry and fishery technologies, infrastructure, value chain models, agri and food businesses and substantial participation in global food and agro trade
  • As India’s institutions are providing global expertise and cooperation, it has become the gateway to almost two dozen Asian countries and the whole African continent. Though 8% of world’s food is grown here, the share in global trade remains dismal at 2%.
  • For enhanced sustainability, food safety and quality standards, ICFA has taken up the Agriculture Stewardship Program by launching Healthy Food Initiative program and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) project
  • In a short period of two years, the Council has signed up MoUs with the University of California, University of Maryland, Michigan State University, Iowa State University, Western Australia University, German Agribusiness Alliance, Borlaug Institute for South Asia, African Asian Rural Development Organization and IFPRI etc. 
  • Through international partnerships, ICFA envisions to mobilise technologies and investments that will catalyse agribusiness and agri start- ups.