Cambridge Conference on Global Food Security 2016

  • 24th June 2016
  • by secretary

23-24 June 2016. Cambridge, UK. The Conference explored how to translate knowledge into action to secure future food supply, sustainability and equality. It covered the most exciting developments, and identify the most pressing knowledge gaps, across a wide range of different fields, seeking bridges across some of the fault-lines in Global Food Security discourse: 

  1. small-holder farming versus agri-business, 
  2. natural versus social science perspectives, 
  3. grassroots versus top-down solutions and food security versus sovereignty.
  • ‘Agriculture is the backbone of our countries’ – viewpoint from the grassroots (Shadrack Yoash and John Rusoke, Farm Africa)
  • Panel debate: priority research questions and opportunities for impact (Prof Charles Godfray and Dr John Ingram, University of Oxford; Professor Corinna Hawkes, City University; Dr Nigel Poole, ICRISAT; Prof Jiping Sheng, Remnin University)
Dr Nigel Poole, ICRISAT
Stream 1: Food security, sustainability and conservation

  • Where next for agricultural research and extension? (Dr Nigel Poole, ICRISAT)
  • Early warning for building resilience to food crises in Africa (Dr Francois Kayitakare, Joint Research Centre)

Stream 2: Economics, culture and politics of food

  • How production of food crops can help national GDP to grow: case study of Rwanda (Jane Lichtenstein, Centre of Development Studies) 

Plenary session 4: Food justice and food equality

  • The right to food in the Anthropocene: Equality and sustainability in the South African food system (Dr Laura Pereira, Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, Stellenbosch University)