Integrate TAAT Into National Agric Programmes

  • 12th March 2019
  • by secretary

9-10 April 2019. Cotonou, Benin. Experts at a Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) meeting have called for its integration into national agricultural development projects in order to reach millions of farmers across Africa. The meeting brought together ministerial level government representatives and experts from AfDB, IITA and the other implementing agencies of the TAAT programme.

The main objective of the programme is to improve the business of agriculture across Africa by raising agricultural productivity, mitigating risks and promoting diversification and processing in 18 agricultural value chains within eight Priority Intervention Areas (PIA).

An innovative combination of technical expertise, finance and political will to transform African agriculture. The transformation of agriculture will not be possible without the help of adapted technologies. To achieve our objectives, we must be able to wisely combine political will, favorable economic and institutional environment, adequate infrastructure, better access to the market and preservation of Africa’s natural resources,” Dr Ken Dashiell, Deputy Director General, IITA

The programme is implemented by IITA in close partnership with other CGIAR Centers and specialized technical centers like AATF, IFDC, FARA, national agricultural research and extension systems and private sector partners.

A statement issued after a two-day high-level meeting urged development partners including World Bank, International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD) and European Union to support TAAT activities.