Banana research priority setting

  • 07th February 2017
  • by secretary
7 February 2017Help to shape banana research priority setting. Following its official launch in 2012, the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) embarked on a strategic assessment of research priorities for five of its major crops (banana, cassava, potato, sweet potato, and yams).

The objective of this exercise was to determine the expected impact each research options would generate in terms of economic benefits, poverty reduction, food security, nutrition and health, gender equity, and environmental sustainability.

  • A website introduces you to the methods and results of the strategic assessment of banana research priorities and provides a knowledge toolkit that will guide you step-by-step through the different stages of the assessment process.
  • A prior online survey (through ProMusa and the regional banana networks from January to March 2013) already elicited the key constraints faced by small-scale banana producers. 
  • As part of this priority assessment exercise the impact of different research investments for bananas and plantains, such as cropping system intensification or breeding for virus-resistant bananas, has been estimated to provide a basis for the strategy development of RTB research.
  • Take the survey to help shape their research priority setting
  • Currently, only the English version is available; the French and Spanish versions will be online by the end of the week.