Innovative Ways for Sustainable Nutrition, Food Security and Inclusive Agricultural Growth

  • 02nd May 2016
  • by secretary

25 April 2016. Brussels, Belgium. Food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture are among
the EU’s top development priorities for the period of 2015–2020. In this regard, research and innovation are fundamental pieces to achieve food and nutrition security goals.

The main purpose of this high-level dialogue was to collectively consider opportunities for innovation in food security, nutrition and agriculture to secure inclusive human development. Four specific panels: resilience, nutrition, research and financing shared insights and enable creative dialogue between participants structured around three
key questions:

  1. Challenges: What has been learned from experience with regard to the challenges to inclusive and equitable development and what do we know about how can they be creatively overcome in the post 2015 era? 
  2. Synergies: How best can synergies and strategic coherence be promoted between various initiatives – such as those show-cased as well as others? 
  3. Partnerships: What are the opportunities for new partnerships to be forged to reverse trends of widening inequalities, accelerate impact and reinforce accountability? 


Neven Mimica, EC Commissioner (2014-2019)

International Cooperation and Development

The EU launched four major initiatives to support partner countries in food security and agriculture specifically addressing the key areas of innovation, nutrition, resilience and financing:

  1. In 2016, the European Commission launched an innovative process, promoting a “Joint global food insecurity analysis” with the support of key international partners dealing with food and nutrition insecurity, namely FAO and WFP. The joint analysis allowed agreeing upon the following figures regarding the global situation of food insecurity
  2. The EU has designed programmes and new partnerships that specifically address institutional and capacity constraints to effective nutrition governance: The National Information Platforms for Nutrition, the Food Fortification Facility and the FIRST initiative and is supporting global governance initiative for nutrition such as the SUN movement. 
  3. The EU supports global and regional Agricultural Research for Development (AR4D) initiatives, including the CGIAR, the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), and African research organisations supporting the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) process, both through funding and engagement with governance bodies.
  4. The EU acts as a catalyst for private financing through greater use of financial instruments such as guarantees, equity and other risk-sharing instruments for investments. The EU’s new Agriculture Finance Initiative (AgriFI) aims to increase investment in smallholder agriculture and agribusiness. Private sector engagement should result in improving the inclusiveness and sustainability of value chains in agriculture, and food security for the particular benefit of farmers currently left behind by economic opportunities.  

Download the Concept note in PDF format
Download the Agenda in PDF format

Panel members: Part 1 :

  • David Nabarro – UNSG Special Adviser on 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development introducing the Nutrition Discussion 
  • Monique Pariat – Director-General, EC Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection 
  • Tom Arnold – Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Coordinator 
  • Djimé Adoum – Executive Secretary, CILSS 

Part 2 :

  • Rudolf Strohmeier – Deputy Director-General, EC Directorate-General for Research and Innovation 
  • María de los Ángeles Benítez Salas – Deputy Director-General, EC DirectorateGeneral for Agriculture and Rural Development 
  • Charles Brand – Executive Vice President Product Management & Commercial Operations, Tetra Pak  Didier Hoffschir – Scientific director, Ministry of Superior Education and Research, France 
  • Patrick Caron – President of the UN High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition introducing the Research Discussion 
  • Monty Jones – Minister of Agriculture of Sierra Leone 
Parallel session 2
Addressing governance and accountability gap in nutrition 
  • Tom Arnold – Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Coordinator Panel members: 
  • Mike Penrose – CEO of Action Against Hunger, France 
  • Robinah Mulenga Kwofie – Executive Director, National Food and Nutrition Commission, Zambia 
  • Judith Kimiywe – Associate Professor, Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Kenyatta University 
  • Stineke Oenema – Coordinator of UN Standing Committee on Nutrition 
  • Jean-Pierre Halkin – Head of Unit for Rural Development, Food and Nutrition Security – EuropeAid
Other parallel sessions:
Session 3: Connecting innovation and research to development 
  • Gerda Verburg – Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the FAO and future Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Coordinator Panel members: 
  • Mamadou Cissokho – Honorary Chairman of the “West African Network of Farmers Organisations” 
  • John Bell – Director Sustainable Bioeconomy, Director-General for Research and Innovation 
  • Albert Schram – Vice Chancellor of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology 
  • Gerd Fleischer – Head of the Agricultural Innovation, Sustainability Standards’ section, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) 
  • Jean-Luc François – Head of the Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity Division, Agence Française de Développement (AFD) 
  • Monty Jones – Minister of Agriculture of Sierra Leone
Session 4: Promoting innovative financing for agriculture 
  • Thomas Duve – Director KfW Bankengruppe Panel members: 
  • Charles Brand – Executive Vice President Product Management & Commercial Operations, Tetra Pak 
  • Roberto Ridolfi – Director for Sustainable Growth and Development, EC Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development 
  • Marie Konate – Côte d’Ivoire Entrepreneur and African Business Woman of the year 
  • Ishmael Sunga – CEO of Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions 
  • Jérôme Bertrand-Hardy – Deputy Director of operations, Proparco