FMO Future of Finance 2018

  • 11th October 2018
  • by secretary
1-2 October 2018. Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Fifth bi-annual Future of Finance conference brought together over 500 global financial experts.

Guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),the program includes focus on trends and developments that affect business models, on how to act sustainably, on how to reach new markets and build inclusive financial sectors and economies.

The participants of the conference were welcomed by FMO’s CEO Mr. Peter van Mierlo.

  • He emphasized the need for partnership to meet the two main challenges this world is facing; Climate change and Inequality. 
  • He also highlighted that there is a role for businesses to offer technology that can help developing markets to leapfrog, and the importance of steering the global cooperation on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More information on the content, discussions and outcomes of the Future of Finance Conference will follow later.

Extracts of the programme
Gender Finance 2.0: Unlocking the Potential of Female Entrepreneurs
In developing economies, the gap between men’s and women’s access to finance has remained at 9% since 2011. More specifically, over 70% of female entrepreneurs continue to lack sufficient (or any) access to the capital, products and services they need. Despite a decade of financing initiatives, creation of investment funds and business development programmes targeting female entrepreneurs, women remain in a disadvantaged position with limited access to finance, and relatively few opportunities to grow their businesses. Why has the financial sector failed in reaching out to women? Isn’t this a missed business and development opportunity?

Fatoumata Bouare Chief Risk
and Fincance Officer FMO

In this panel discussion, experts, financial leaders and entrepreneurs reviewed and discussed what has been done so far, and what lessons can be learned from this “Gender Finance 1.0” phase. Which methods and tools have proven effective in enhancing the quality, accessibility and affordability of financial and non- financial services for female entrepreneurs? Going forward, what are they key changes we need to make?

  • Victoria White | Managing Director, Accion’s Global Advisory Solutions (moderator)
  • Elisabeth Ballreich | Investment Specialist, Women’s World Banking Asset Management;
  • Mulenga Silwamba | Head of Retail, Cavmont Bank
  • Saskia Vossenberg | Senior Gender Finance Advisor, FMO
  • Anna de Lanoy Meijer | Founder and Owner, Anna + Nina

Farmer Finance – Managing Risks in Agri Lending

This session focused on different approaches to financing farmers. How can we effectively manage risks? What means are available to create access to markets?
  • Anil Kumar SG | CEO, Samunnati; 
  • Kola Masha | Managing Director, Babban Gona; 
  • Matteo Marinelli | CEO, Maha Agriculture Microfinance; 
  • Sephanie Doig | Compliance Director, Miro Forestry Developments

Field trip:
AgroCares is a global AG Tech company based in The Netherlands. With a passionate team of business developers, agronomists, IT and R and D specialists , it delivers innovative services to contribute to closing the world food gap.

AgroCares achieves this with cutting-edge data solutions to measure nutrients and other key parameters in soil (SoilCares), in feed (FeedCares) and in leaf (LeafCares) which ultimately leads to sustainable yield and production increase.