Hygienic Practices for Food Safety in Small & Medium-Size Businesses

  • 09th January 2017
  • by secretary

9 January 2016. Sojagnon (a PAEPARD supported consortium) in Partnership with the Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) held a webinar entitled “Hygienic Practices for Food Safety in Small and Medium Sized Businesses.”

Hygienic practices for handling, preparing, and storing food not only preserve the food’s nutrition and protect consumers from food-borne illness, but also help producers reduce food waste, garner trust to their brand, and increase business profits.

Charles Nsubuga

Food safety is especially important for producers who serve those with compromised immune systems, including those living with HIV/AIDS, illness, the elderly, pregnant women, and infants. Emphasis will be placed on using resources available in your community to implement a safe food handling system in your own production room.

  • Food safety challenges faced by rural women soy entrepreneurs in Benin (Patrice Sewade, Managing Director of SOJAGNON, and NGO in Godomey-Togoudo, Benin)
  • Food safety challenges faced by a small, certified soy milk operation in Ghana (Prof. Joseph Osei, manager of AA Pure Soya Milk in Agona, Ghana)
  • Food safety and quality control methods in a medium-size soy food company in Uganda (Charles Nsubuga, CEO of Sesaco Foods, Ltd., Kampala, Uganda)
  • First steps for food safety in small businesses and households (Faustina Vimariba, Ghana Health Service Regional Nutrition Officer)
  • Closing remarks by Prof. Matt Stasiewicz, University of Illinois, USA
  • Q and A


Packaging Techniques to Improve Soy Food Shelf Life

Published on 6 Dec 2016
This webinar, Packaging Techniques to Improve Soy Food Shelf Life,

  • focused on the range of packaging techniques for soy dairy products and the best practices for each to ensure greater success and financial growth of soy dairy enterprises. 
  • reviewed technical information regarding different packaging and distribution options including the use of glass versus plastic bottles, different refrigeration.