EU-Africa collaboration in science, technology and innovation.

  • 02nd February 2016
  • by secretary

4 – 5 February 2016. Pretoria, South Africa. CAAST-Net Plus is hosting a workshop with representatives of Africa’s Regional Economic Communities (RECs) about EU-Africa collaboration in science, technology and innovation.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Exchange information and lessons learned on the mechanisms and options for the RECs to engage in Africa-EU STI cooperation.
  • Explore potential synergies between the RECs in Horizon 2020 and the activities of National Contact Points, as well as with the EU’s Coordination and Support Actions, and with the national science academies and their networks.
  • Facilitate dialogue between the RECs and the ERAfrica project on co-funding opportunities, with the aim of informing the STISA 2024 implementation process.
  • Discuss participation in future joint bi-regional cooperation networks and projects, as well as strategies for the uptake of research.