Stakeholder Forum to implement the Africa‐EU R&I Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture

  • 11th April 2016
  • by secretary

5-6 April 2016. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Bureau of the Africa‐EU High Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation (HLPD Bureau on STI) in collaboration with a group of Africa‐EU STI projects and initiatives in support of this policy dialogue organised a stakeholder forum in Addis Ababa, in association with the Senior Officials’ meeting of the HLPD and the College‐to‐College meeting on 7 April 2016, in order to discuss the implementation of the Africa‐EU Research and Innovation (R and I) Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA).

In 2014 the HLPD Bureau commissioned a balanced group of African and European experts to prepare an input to a roadmap towards this Africa‐EU R and I Partnership on FNSSA, with mutual priorities in the FNSSA domain for collaborative research and innovation, taking the whole value chain into consideration. The completed roadmap has now been placed before the Senior Officials for endorsement.


  • Foster the engagement of actors across the whole FNSSA value chain, and essential for
  • innovations: government, industry, civil society and research organisations.
  • Present the short‐ to medium‐ term investments made towards the implementation of the
  • Africa‐EU R&I Partnership on FNSSA.
  • Presentation by prof. Linus Opara
  • Explore concrete long‐term options for the implementation of the Africa‐EU R&I Partnership on FNSSA.
Outputs and outcomes

  • Stimulating engagement of existing and new national, regional, philanthropic and private funders with their programmes/schemes for supporting the Africa‐EU R&I Partnership on FNSSA.
  • Developing a concrete approach for a long‐term collaboration platform including all relevant actors and existing initiatives along the whole FNSSA value chain from knowledge to innovations.
  • Gaining further stakeholder recommendations on modalities like organisational structure,
  • funding and communication for the implementation of the R&I Partnership on FNSSA for
  • particular attention of funding institutions and policy makers.
  • Initiating a discourse on Common research agendas
Extract of the programme:
Harnessing local and international partnerships for research and capacity development African Union Commission (AUC) | by Mr Prof. Umezuruike Linus Opara
Background information

Co-organising Projects:

7 April 2016. Addis Ababa. The roadmap was endorsed at the highest level by both commissions at their yearly (8th) College to College meeting.