Agrinatura General Assembly 2020 Announcement !

  • 08th April 2020
  • by secretary
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Dear Agrinatura Association,

In light of current events and after considering all aspects related to COVID-19, the Agrinatura Board of Directors made decision that:

“this year the General Assembly’s face to face meeting hosted by Cork University College on 20-21st May, 2020 will be cancelled”.

This decision, exclusively for the General Assembly 2020, was taken because of the unforeseeable and complex situation required exceptional action.

Agrinatura Board of Directors would will instead conduct the meeting in form of an electronic vote for business matters.

The vote will be open during the period early April until 15 May.

We will also have a two-hour online event on the 20th May 2020.


Voting will be conducted electronically (Voting Sheet doc.). Each member organisation’s representative will vote, sign the form and return to The votes will be approved by a simple majority of votes cast.

General Assembly Announcement_31_03_2020

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and looking forward to meet you all this time at least online.



Tereza Slámová

Secretary General
Agrinatura Association Secretariat
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Kamycka 129
165 00 Prague
Czech Republic


www.agrinatura-eu.u  #Agrinaturaeu

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