The CDAIS International Forum

  • 04th February 2019
  • by secretary
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The CDAIS International Forum

Strengthening functional capacities in agricultural innovation systems


Sharing the NOW and Shaping the FUTURE


13-14 May 2019 Gembloux, Belgium


We’ve heard, seen and done several trainings, capacity building, capacity strengthening… and most recently we’ve done coaching, mentoring, accompanying….


…. for the use, adaption, adoption of technologies, innovations, equipment, varieties, etc…


All these are important and most of all, they’ve gained impact if we’ve emphasized on the soft skills or the functional capacities.


Come and join us in sharing why it works or not, what could have been done better, what and how can we learn together and shape the future of capacities in agricultural innovation systems!


The first international forum on functional capacities and soft skills…


CDAIS international forum : strengthening functional capacities in agricultural innovation systems

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Come and join us in Gembloux, Belgium in May 2019
And be part of the change process towards improving agriculture innovation