Can we do farmer field schools training remotely? Join us on the 23rd of June to learn more!

  • 16th June 2022
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

Learn about and share experiences using remote training tools to support FFS during COVID-19 and beyond on the 23rd of June

The event will include presentations from field experiences and a panel discussion as well as a sharing sessions to gather experiences and ideas from FFS practitioners around the world.

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Jorge Chavez-Tafur, Oxfam Novib

Session Presenter
Introduction and objectives Anne-Sophie Poisot (FAO)
Live training of facilitators using the virtual learning centers: FAO’s experience on poultry FFS and anti-microbial resistance Giacomo de Besi (FAO)
Training facilitators on nutrition: Oxfam’s experience and lessons learned Hilton Mbozi (Oxfam Novib)
Self-paced e-learning courses on FFS focusing on introducing, implementing and formulating FFS courses  Jaap van de Pol (FAO)
Panel discussion – How can remote training be used to support FFS trainings? Jam Khalid (FAO Pakistan)

Pranati Mohanraj (CARE USA)

Deborah Duveskog (FAO Kenya)

Open discussion – exchanging lessons Moderated plenary discussion
A wider perspective on FFS and digital tools: tips for e-powerment of FFS Winnie Nalyongo (FAO)
Conclusions Anne-Sophie Poisot (FAO)