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Just released: Perspective, the CIRAD policy brief collection

  • 05th August 2022
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

The 4-page Perspective is CIRAD’s policy brief, designed to fuel the debate, to influence ideas and to support decision-making.  It is our pleasure to share with you the latest issues:

N°58 – Feeding the world better: crop diversification to build sustainable food systems. Éric Malézieux, Damien Beillouin, David Makowski

Crop diversification is a key principle of the agroecological transition. It increases the production of healthy food and provides numerous ecosystem services. It is an essential part of the transition required in food systems.


N°59 (this issue is part of the Perspective series on Crises and food security) – Intervention on biofuels and the Japan WTO rice stock to stabilise world food prices. Franck Galtier.

To limit instability in world grain and vegetable oil prices, two levers exist: regulating the use of these products to produce biofuels, and mobilising the Japan WTO rice stock.


Find all the issues of Perspective on the website:

Perspective is provided under the terms of Creative Commons licence CC-BY 4.0, and can be shared freely and adapted, on the condition that appropriate credit is given.


We hope these issues give you food for thought.