Call for a research organisation for implementation of a research study within the Nutrition Research Facility (NRF) project

  • 13th April 2023
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News
Dear Agrinatura Members,

The Nutrition Research Facility (NRF; “short briefing” attached) is inviting interested Agrinatura members to submit a proposal for the research study

“Impact pathways from shocks, conflicts and crises to malnutrition through changing food supply and food prices”.
Details of the request are provided in the attached Procurement Notice and respective annexes.

For your convenience, the main events in the timeline are detailed below:– 18/04/2023: Request for any clarification (RFC) on technical or contractual aspects.

– 03/05/2023: Deadline of tenders submission (technical proposal; budget and all accompanying documents – as described in the procurement notice), via email to and (Cc: (email subject: NRF – ISA_2023_02 – Impact pathways from SCC to malnutrition: Tender submission) no later than 03/05/2023, 6:00 pm hours, Lisbon Time

– May 2023: Proposals opening; administrative check and evaluation by the NRF evaluation committee. Tenderers might be requested to provide addition information on the content of their proposals.

– End May or early June 2023: Tender validation; negotiation and contract signature

Agrinatura EEIG partners integrating the NRF consortium are not eligible.

Looking forward to your response, we remain for any clarifications.
With best regards,
On behalf of the NRF team
Luis Goulao