• 19th February 2018
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

The candidate will be responsible for:


– consolidating and organizing datasets of the MEL systems from the eight countries, i.e. checking quality of data

– supporting MEL country teams in the elaboration of the baselines and analysis of their MEL datasets, according to the MEL guidelines (innovation network analysis, capacities scoring; progress markers evaluation; enriched timelines; outcomes mapping; contribution analysis; impact pathways);

– participating to the on-going elaboration of MEL tools factsheets and final MEL guidelines;

– participating in the elaboration of a transversal synthesis of CD mechanisms that generated changes in how the AIS functions i.e. analyze databases, showcase country differences countries through visualization tools;

– participating to the global evaluation of the effectiveness and relevance of the common framework;

– preparing manuscripts that arise from his/her work and will be expected to present his/her work at local and international meetings.


The candidate will work closely with CDAIS coordination team and CIRAD


More info you can find here: ToR Post-doc CDAIS-ICRA