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Call for a full-time, experienced Project Manager

  • 19th June 2023
  • by secretary
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Agrinatura is looking for a full-time, experienced Project Manager for our service contract with EC DG INTPA “Sustainable Agrifood System Intelligence – Science Policy Interface” (SASI-SPI). See below the TORs and requirements for the role, in addition to a brief description of the contract.

Project Management Unit (PMU) TERMS OF REFERENCE:
The Project Management Unit (PMU) functions within WS0. It is composed of seven (7) members (or 6 – if upon a decision of the PMU, the roles of D (Administration officer) and E (Communication officer) are served by the same person.
A Project Director and (WS0 Leader) is the head of the PMU. Located in Sweden. Part-time position.
B Project Manager. Located in Brussels. Full-time role, supports and reports to the PD.
C Four WS Leaders (WS1, WS2, WS3, WS4). Located in their affiliated Institutions. Part-time roles.
D Administration Officer. Located in Sweden. The part-time role supports the PD and the PM.
E-Communications Officer. Located in Sweden. Part-time role.
Roles & Responsibilities of the PMU:
1 The general role of the PMU is the management of the project implementation, settlement of the project processes, development of the project documentation, maintaining the project system.
2 Management of the WSs activities, related to missions to project countries
2a Prepare and support the missions of the project staff and other experts.
2b Design and prepare the mission-related documentation, following the service contract and its annexes and DG INTPA requirements, coordinate its application, provide guidance to experts, and take part in communication with DG INTPA during the process of the approval of the mission.
2c Support the production of the mission reports by the experts, submit them for approval by DG-INTPA, communicate the received feedback, and coordinate the response to eventual requirements.
2d Formally participate in events, related to the project activities.
3 Coordination and consolidation of the project deliverables, narrative, and financial project reports, their submission to DG-INTPA for approval, communication of the feedback, and eventual further requirements for addressing
4 Manage the communication, publicity, and promotion activities of the project.
5 Support the work, related to the Terms of References of experts required by WS1, WS2, WS3, and WS4.
6 Organisation of PSC, AC, PMU, stakeholders, and other project meetings and prepare minutes and reports.
7 Liaison with the WS leaders for ensuring communication and provision of support.
8 Maintaining communication with DG INTPA and other DGs of the EC, FAO of the UN, JRS, Agrinatura EEIG and Association members, Agrinatura EEIG Secretariat, and other stakeholders.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Project Manager (PM):
The position is 1.0 FTE, located in Brussels to ensure regular and efficient communication with the EC DG INTPA F3 project manager.
Report to the Project Director and DG INTPA manager assigned to the SASi-SPi contract
The PM is responsible for the provision of effective and efficient management of the contract, working in support of the PD and the WS Leaders and maintaining coordination within WSs and the project as a whole.
The PM is the point of contact for DG INTPA and other DGs of the EC, FAO of the UN, JRS, Agrinatura EEIG and Association members, Agrinatura EEIG Secretariat, other counterparts’ organisations and non-key experts assigned to the project.
PM day-to-day project management responsibilities:
• Designing, planning, managing, overseeing, and monitoring the implementation of the project activities by WSs in close collaboration with PD and WS leaders;
• Ensuring regular contact and efficient communication with the EC DG INTPA F3 project manager.
• Deal with administrative and financial aspects of work related to the Management Team in WS0;
• Manage efficiently the financial resources of the Project, including budgeting and budget revisions, as well as expenditure tracking and reporting; Maintaining financial database;
• Ensure compliance of the Project activities and its deliverables with the SASi-SPi Contract and its Annexes, with the guidelines and with the respective rules and procedures of the EU;
• Support the work related to the Terms of References for non-key experts (NKE) and for service providers in WS1-4, including participation in their preparation, implementation of the procedures for calls and selection of NKE and service providers and contracting matters;
• Produce the project’s annual and semi-annual work plans and reports.
• Work in collaboration with the WS Leaders for monitor the progress and ensure the timely and efficient delivery of Project outputs and products and also collect the project deliverables;
• Consolidate the interim and final narrative and financial reports, provided by the WS Leaders.
• Provide logistical and organizational support, related to SASi-SPi missions, workshops, and events and the reporting.
• Prepare PSC, AC, PMU, stakeholders, and other project meetings and the relevant reports/minutes/notes;
• In consultation with the PD, represents the PD and the SASi-SPi WS Leaders when/if necessary;
• Supported by the PMU, ensure high-quality information and visibility of the Project in compliance with the EU visibility rules and guidance;
• Perform any other duties connected directly with the implementation of the Project.
Required Qualifications and Skills (Cat. 1)
▪ At least a Master’s degree or, in its absence, equivalent professional experience.
General professional experience
▪ At least 12 years of professional experience in areas directly relevant to international development, innovation with a social science perspective, knowledge, and innovation systems.
Specific professional experience
▪ At least 6 years of experience in managing contracts with the EU.
▪ At least 5 years experience of work in a research environment.
▪ Working experience in African or Latin American countries would be an asset.

Having an experience in communication management would be an asset (ex: website management, social media channels, graphic design software, etc.)
▪ Expertise in project management (including coordination, planning, liaising with experts and stakeholder groups, drafting terms of reference for the provision of short-term expertise, and organising the selection of experts).
▪ Expertise in practical organisation of workshops and international travel arrangements.
▪ Expertise in the financial & administrative requirements of EU contracts.
▪ Ability to work effectively in a team of people with different technical backgrounds and varying levels of technical training.
Language skills
▪ Excellent writing and oral presentation skills in English and French.

How to apply?
Should you wish to apply for the role of SASI-SPI Project Manager, then please send a motivation letter and CV to Project Director Prof Konstantinos (Kostas) Karantininis ( with a copy to
The deadline for applications is 30 June 2023

Identification number INTPA/2022/EA-NP/0196
SASi-SPi is a 5-year (2023-2027), € 11.5 million contract implemented by members of AGRINATURA EEIG to support the DG INTPA.F3 (European Commission, Directorate General for International Partnerships) in the implementation of the Sustainable Agriculture Fisheries Livestock & Food Systems (SAFLFS) Programme.
The overall objective of SASi-SPi is to contribute to the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of Aquatic and Agri-Food Systems (SAAFS) in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The SASi-SPi has four specific objectives and corresponding Work Streams (WS):
WS0: Project Management Unit. Responsible for the coordination and implementation of SASi-SPi.
WS1: Policy Intelligence & Analysis. Producing Timely, systemic advice, policy intelligence, and science-based insights/analyses supporting the development of evidence-driven engagement by DG-INTPA on key global issues related to SAAFS
WS2: Thematic Narratives & Reference Frameworks on key thematic issues, policy options, institutional processes and trade-offs informing the transition to SAAFS.
WS3: Transition Support Models in Countries. Empirically tested, transition support models grounded in participatory and science-based decision-making processes and experiences in support of the sustainable and inclusive transformation of national agrifood systems feeding into global SAAFS debate (living labs).
WS4: Communication for development and capacity building. Improved understanding, knowledge, and capacities of public sector, private sector, and civil society stakeholders to participate, lead, defend their interests, and ensure accountability of diverse interventions needed to advance the transition to SAAFS.
AGRINATURA is Europe’s foremost alliance working in agricultural and nutritional research and development, including education, training and capacity strengthening. The AGRINATURA Association includes 35 members drawn from the major European research and development institutions, universities and other organisations working in agriculture, natural resources management, food and nutrition, coming from 16 European countries. More European and non-European organisations are connected via the networks from AGRINATURA members.
The SASi-SPi is prepared and implemented with the active participation of the following AGRINATURA member organisations:
SLU Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.
WS0 Project Coordination (Project Director, Prof. Dr. Kostas Karantininis)
WS2 Thematic issues (Coordinator WS2, Prof. Dr. Rodomiro Ortiz)
CIRAD Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement, France
WS1 Policy Intelligence & Analysis (Coordinator WS1 Dr. Tristan le Cotty)
WS3 Country studies (Coordinator WS3 Dr. Isabelle Daviron)
iCRA The Netherlands
WS4 Communication for development and capacity building (Coordinator Dr. Myriam Perez)
The services in SASi-SPi will be delivered by expanded members and network of AGRINATURA. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will implement a similar to SASi-SPi project in close collaboration with AGRINATURA.