FMSH Paris is looking for a partner in Erasmus +

  • 02nd February 2018
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

The FMSH Paris is looking for a partner to finalize an Erasmus Plus  ‘strategic partnership’ consortium.

The partners are already FMSH, Paris – referent  Gilles Lhuilier ; Université de Montpellier – (I-SITE granted by the French government) – (MUSE, Advanced Knowledge Institute on Transition), referent: Patrick Caron ;           ESSEC, Cergy, France – referent : Hervé Bourdais ; Association Campus de la Transition/ Campus for Transition, France,– referent : Cécile Renouard ; Schumacher College, UK, – referent : Jonathan Dawson (Head of Economics) / (Jon Rae, director), and a Spanish and a belgian university (to be confirmed). The associates partners organizations are Public institutions such as AFD (Agence Française du Développement) – referent : Gaël Giraud ; but also Companies, NGOs, Research consortium, Social centers / Media.

The Campus for Transition -Camp-T- aims at developing and implementing innovative learning and researching practices (e.g. new curricula, teaching methods, institutional network, research rooted, social impacts). It addresses key topics relevant for the « Transition » (ecological, but also economic, social, legal) at local and European level.

Ecological issues (climate change, loss in biodiversity, scarcity of resources, etc.) and their social consequences (growing inequalities, poverty, conflicts, forced migrations, etc.) call us to promote a paradigm shift, to redesign our production and consumption patterns, our lifestyles, and thus the curricula in high education, and to explore how economic and legal tools can be applied to these challenges. Our purpose is to develop new, innovative, multidisciplinary and holistic approaches to teaching and learning in the field of « Transition » and facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge.

The Camp-T project brings together Universities, Business School, Researches Centers, life long treaning operators, which already have experiences of teaching or researching in the field. Together they will challenge their structure, organization and methods, in order to experience and test common « modules » of teaching/research on the « Transition » and new common training/research and diploma or even the fondations of a new common on line institution.

To sum up, the Campus for the Transition is:

–  Knowledge Alliance of teachers and researchers sharing good practices about  « Transition » management (ecological, economic, social, legal);

– Capacity Building initiative in higher education connecting teachers and researchers dedicated to the set up of an innovative blended on line school : le “Campus de la Transition” (Camp-T) ;

– Strategic Partnership between institution who intend to share an experimental « European Open Campus for Transition » (Eu-Camp-T) project, with common curricula,  eventually a common master and common life long treaning formations and/or to share experiences for the studies of the foundations of a (Virtual and multilocal ) “European Open University for the Transition” (Euniv-T).

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