New Pavilon of the Faculty of Tropical Agriculture at CZU won the the Best working environment at Adapterra Awards – Searching for the best practice of adaptation to climate change

  • 25th November 2021
  • by secretary
Agrinatura News

The Adapterra Awards are looking for functioning adaptation measures that help our country adapt to climate change. The best practice examples get into the Adapterra database, which will inspire experts and the general public.

It is our intention that both private companies and public institutions not only adapt to climate change, but also contribute actively to climate change adaptation by influencing their immediate environment. For example, implementing new technological solutions for operations and office buildings, focusing on water reuse and the use of renewable resources.

The campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague has expanded with a new pavilion for tropical agriculture. Modern premises, technology and facilities serve mainly students and employees of the Faculty of Tropical Agriculture, but also people from other departments of the university.

The project was created with regard to environmental challenges so that the operation of the building will be sustainable in the future in terms of operating costs and the negative impact of human activities on nature. The faculty used heat pumps, rainwater retention tanks, photovoltaic panels and a green roof. At the same time, everything is designed with the needs of teaching and research in mind.

The Faculty of Tropical Agriculture was awarded this year the Best wroking environment award. The Faculty of Tropical Agriculture is currently hosting the Agrinatura Association Secretariat.