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  • 06th June 2011
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for Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: An initiative on the basis of the recommendation of FAO’s High-Level External Committee (HLEC) on the Millennium Development Goals to the Director-General (13-14 October 2009) and the discussions and conclusions from the 22nd Committee on Agriculture (COAG) on the 16th-19th of June 2010

Vision and Mission

The Global Soil Partnership’s vision is for a sustainable and productive use of the soil resources of the world. The Global Soil Partnership’s mission is to support and facilitate joint efforts towards sustainable management of soil resources for food security and climate change adaptation and mitigation.


Through enhanced and applied knowledge of soil resources as well as improved global governance and standardization, the Partnership will:

  • Create and promote awareness among decision makers and stakeholders on the key role of soil resources for sustainable land management and sustainable development;
  • Address critical soil issues in relation to food security and climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Guide soil knowledge and research through a common global communication platform incorporating real local challenges;
  • Establish an active and effective network for addressing soil crosscutting issues
  • Develop global governance guidelines aiming to improved soil protection and sustainable soil productivity


Main partners will include all those international, regional and national bodies that are conducting substantive work on soil protection and sustainable management, inter alia:

  • International agencies and projects with a global soils mandate and/or activities;
  • Regional and national soil science associations and networks;
  • National soil research institutes and academic institutes (universities);
  • Representative of civil society organization (i.e. International Federation of Agricultural Producers-IFAP; International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements -IFOAM) and the private sector.

The proposed main areas of action of the GSP have been identified through initial consultations by FAO and JRC with key partners such as ISRIC, ICRAF, IRRI, etc and national soil survey agencies……etc. and through a number of recent international and regional workshops on soils in relation to food security and climate change

Background Paper entitled “Towards a Global Soil Partnership for Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Launch Event

A number of Institutions and countries have already expressed their interest to join this partnership at an early stage. We are pleased to extend to you a preliminary inivation to the formal launch event of this gloval partnership organised by FAO and Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Find attached the Invitation

Venue: 7-9 September 2011, FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy

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